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The world is going through some amazing changes right now and you may be feeling it also. It is time for introspection, time to look at the inside of the situation. Changes are happening quickly and will continue to do so for the next year. Now is the time to decide your path, your direction. Many are being swept away rather than decide. Your path is clear. You are all light workers and it is time to decide how you will show your light to the world. Go inside, find your truth and decide your course. Now is the time


My mother, my Goddess, my friend.  Today I thank you once again for the ability to do your will.  I have been saddened by the recent suicide of one of your children.  He was bullied into thinking his life was not worth living.  I grieve not only for his life and family, but for our society that allows others to treat children with such hatred.  That they have wandered so far from the love that truly is from you.

"My child, I understand your hurt and pain, as I feel it too.  The society that has been created is slowly falling apart.  As it does this, many will feel a need to increase their hatred rather than feel their peace and love.  It is unfortunate, but necessary.  People will come to a cross-roads, they will have to choose.  Earth is becoming the heaven it was meant to be.  It will not sustain such anger and hatred much longer.  Many are leaving the planet quickly, as they do not want to be here during these final days of anger.  You are here for a reason, and that is to continue the love in your heart, even when the anger and chaos want to oppose you at every turn.  Teach others the same message.  It will be a war of sorts, but only for those who choose it that way.  Those who choose peace will always find a way to keep it in their hearts.  This is what the planet wants.  These can be dangerous times, but only if you belive them to be.  Stay sure and positive.  Don’t forget I love you and always will shower you with whatever you need.  I am what was, what is, and what will always be, forever."


I am grateful everyday for Mother and the wonderful things she teaches me. “My wonderful children, I am grateful to you all. I want you to know that I do not love you because of your gratitude. I don’t need this from you. That being said, you need to say it. Being grateful to me or anyone else helps fill your heart with love. This love is then shared to others. This connects you to each other, and me. It also helps you see your life in a different light. Re-member who you are, you are meant to be loved and give love. I will always love you my children.” Thank you Mother as always for your kind words to help us understand your ways. Thank you for enlightenment and words of encouragement when things seem bleak. Namaste


The Goddess asked to talk to us about truth. “My wonderful children, you live so much in the falsehood that you have created. Recognize that truth comes from knowing who you are, not who someone else thinks you should be. There are many others who want to take away the truth that is inside you. They believe this gives them power. It does not. Because once you re-member me, you take away their powers. Once you face your truth and live it, you realize that power is a human construct that only gets meaning through your mind. Truth, your truth is the only thing that matters. Don’t get caught up in the day to day power struggles that you have created. Instead meditate on your truth, and your heart will be filled with peace and love, because, ultimately these are the only things that matter.” I know I personally have been trying to figure out my truth, my true reason to be here. I have been a part of religions and read many books to try to find it. In working with Mother I realize that I do truly create my life, (sometimes this is difficult to admit when things go ‘wrong’). Thank you mother for the wisdom and courage to listen to your words and know you will always be the light in the darkness, the cookie in the jar. Thank you always.

The Beginning

Mother came to me about six months ago.  She started speaking to me, wanting me to tell others her words.  So here goes;

"My children, I am so happy to talk to you once again.  You may not always remember me, but I always remember you.  You are all wonderful beings, made to produce and reproduce.  Your work is to create and create and create.  Learn to do this, don’t ask me to create what you can create for yourselves.  All you need do is think of what you want, believe that you can make it happen, and then it will happen.  Knowing this you can do anything you want to.  Many of you ask me for things, you have only showed your lack of confidence by asking.  Say thank you for what you have created, not to me, but to yourself.  Don’t underestimate your power by overestimating mine.  Remember, you have the power."

Thank you Mother for the knowledge and support you give, for all that you are, have been and continue to be in our lives.

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